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About the portal

This portal is serves as a gateway for the Kebbi State Government to capture relevant data of the populace for the purpose of effective planning.

Strategic planning

The portal allows the state government/development partners to have insights from reliable data to properly plan programmes and interventions in various sectors.

Matching opportunities

Having data captured allows the state to match individuals with the right opportunities created by the State government or development partners.

Registration made easy

The DCP portal account allows you to register on all available portals with a single account.







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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the registration on the DCP free

Yes, registration on the Kebbi State Data capture portal is free.

Is the DCP a job portal?

No, the Kebbi State Data capture portal is not a job application portal, it is meant to capture data of individuals for effective planning by the government and development partners.

Are grants/loans given to registered SME's on the portal?

No, registering on the portal does not give SME's access to loan/grants facilities. It however enables the government to match loan/grant opportunities when available to registered SMEs

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